The Rugby Brand You’ve Been Waiting For

Buying Rugby branded clothing has always been the same, ever since I was little. Head over to one of the few rugby retailers, search for a Canterbury t-shirt and bam, you’re done. Are you not bored of the same old brand, using the same old materials (100% cotton SUCKS) with the same old logo on the front? Come on, it can’t just be me! (hence starting my own rugby clothing brand). It’s about time you don’t have to go to one of them over priced rugby retailers and buy an unflattering over priced 100% cotton t-shirt or them DREADFUL baggy joggers.

Imagine the rugby industry didn’t act like it was 2003 anymore and that we didn’t have to buy the same old brands? Imagine the clothing was modern, using the finest materials, designed from scratch and would make you look like the don in front of your mates?

Even better still, imagine if you wanted to buy modern gym or casual wear and you DIDN’T have to buy from brands that are reprsented by that typical gym goer who’s more focused on himself in the mirror than actually working out and improving their performance!

The Dream

Well, that dream has come to life! (If I say so myself).

Look, I love rugby and it annoyed me that I couldn’t express my love for the sport in the gym, around campus at University, to work, around the house etc, etc!

I really didn’t want to associate myself with the typical gym douche wearing a singlet or a (insert gym brand) t-shirt, even if they did look much cooler than my 100% cotton, easy to shrink and boring rugby branded t-shirt. 

Note: I don’t hate any rugby brand, they have done a lot for the support. What is frustrating is the lack of innovation and risk taking in the clothing. It’s lead to a very stale rugby clothing market.

I had enough and it was about time the rugby industry joined the year we currently live in.

I researched the materials that made the other brands have superior t-shirts, I looked into what type of fit was superior. I was amazed that none of the rugby brands who have been around for decades have even bothered to alter their designs for the better. Lazy!

At this time, the “athleisure” or “lifestyle” market was starting to boom. Other sports and cults had their brands representing them. You had Reebok, rogue fitness, Samson athletics representing Crossfit.

You had Gymshark, Machine-Fitness and other brands representing the fitness niche.

Body engineers were representing the bodybuilding market

I could go on.

Rugby? The old men at the helm of the other companies didn’t want to know.


I even met with a director at one of these brands. I told them that they needed to adapt to this change or they would get stung, badly.

This was over 2 years ago and I’ve seen no change from them, no surprise really.

I took matters into my own hands and set up the Rugby Warfare clothing brand in 2015 and haven’t looked back since!

In all seriousness, as a team, we are always improving our designs. (I cannot take all the credit).

Our performance t-shirt range is going through its 4th phase already, we are not content with any design we make, we are always improving.

You can ALWAYS expect unique designs and fits from us here. Check out our ranges over the past year, we are proud of what we have created as a team and will continue to focus on bringing you guys (the rugby market) the best rugby branded clothing possible.

We know not everyone wants a fitted t-shirt or joggers but we will cater for everyone.

You won’t like all our designs but we are willing to take risks and push the boundaries, that’s the only way we will make our mark in this industry.

In 2017 we will also be launching our Women’s range and Juniors range (age 13-16).

For the Women, we have some AWESOME hoodies, leggings, and t-shirts coming for you and for the juniors, you’ll have access to all the best selling Men’s range.

I could go on and on about how excited I am for 2017, but I won’t keep you waiting as I know you’re dying to head over to the store and buy an item with your exclusive 15% off by now!

Discount Code: Aboutus

Want to see more of our designs? Check out our Instagram page.


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